original.jpegWelcome to Massabesic's Project Empowerment

Empowering Students to be the authors of their own future

RSU57 embraces the use of mobile technologies in support of Performance Based Education.

The purpose of this Wiki is to support the integration of iPads into the RSU57 Organization. This wiki is based on the belief that effective management of mobile technologies (specifically the iPad) belongs in the hands of the end user. Therefore, this wiki is an attempt to provide information on all things iPad as it relates to iPad use within RSU57.

Beginning this fall (2013) Project Empowerment will be expanding. Through RSU57's participation in the State of Maine's reauthorization of MLTI, all students in grades 6 - 12 will receive an iPad. All teaching staff currently with MLTI computers will receive a MacBook Air computer and an iPad mini. Year 2+3 MHS students will have a choice to continue with the existing iPad program and keep their currently issued iPad or switch to a new MLTI iPad. MLTI iPads will be owned by the state so there is no ownership option upon graduation. More details regarding this choice will be posted as available to this Wiki so that parents and students can make an informed choice as school begins in the fall.